Sardarji Pakode Waale | Nagrasu | Rudraprayag

Nagrasu is a tiny hamlet situated on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway, in the holy district of Rudraprayag (Garhwal region of Uttarakhand). There isn’t anything fancy or striking about the place and if your mind is gripped or besotted by the opulence of the scenic mountain drive, highly likely that you will zoom past it and leave the hamlet behind in the shadows, in a matter of a few seconds.

But a small road-side shack, run by a Sikh family, has been increasingly becoming popular among the travelers who stop here to savor some deep-fried fritters or pakodas (of all kinds) but it’s the warmth of the people (Mr. and Mrs. Singh) who run the place and their friendly nature that makes your pitstop here a memorable one. Perhaps the reason for me to put down a dedicated post on the experience from my recent trip to the area.  

Story of Mr. & Mrs. Singh

Bobby Singh and Sukhwinder Kaur (husband and wife), dotting a bright smile on their faces and in a lively mood, proudly recounts their journey to this place. They have called Nagrasu their home for roughly 30 years now. They originally came from Roorkee (district Haridwar, Uttarakhand) where their extended family still resides. In the 1990s, the husband-wife duo left Roorkee and came all the way this far to volunteer at the Gurudwara in Nagrasu. Later, they set-up a shop (serving Pakodas only) near the Gurudwara and then around in 2003, they shifted their base to where it stands tall even today.

What do they serve | the Menu?

Aah! It’s a simple menu and the photos on this post will make you understand that. You can try their deep-fried fritters stuffed with potatoes, onions, aubergine, chillies, etc. They have it all and are served to the customers with perfection and with a touch of love and kindness. The whole family is behind the counter, happily chit-chatting with the visitors and sharing their own experiences. It really makes a difference and to my mind a key reason for their growing recognition. The quality of food is amazing, sumptuous indeed.  

Where is Nagrasu and how does one arrive at Sardarji Pakode Waale?

Nagrasu falls in district Rudraprayag and is roughly about 18 kilometres ahead of Rudraprayag on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway.

Google map link for Nagrasu town
Google Map link for Sardarji pakode wale

Once you arrive in the town (direction towards Badrinath), you will see a giant gurudwara on your left, keep driving straight ahead for another 350 metres and you will arrive at this tiny shack. Perched below a giant Peepal tree, it’s a simple establishment by any means. The place is always brimming with people who throng the counter and make every effort to be the first to get their plate of deep-fried fitters. Everyone is served here and served well.

If you are driving this side or on your char-Dham visit, it may be a nice idea to stop-by and say hello to Mr. & Mrs. Singh. The fragrance all around will surely captivate you to try out a plate or two of their signature dishes. An interesting conversation with Mr. Bobby will be a bonus.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


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