About Me

I am a Dehradun based Management Consulting Professional working in the development sector focused on skills & livelihood generation and enhancement initiatives. I run my own small boutique consulting firm and work with the Govt. and Private sector organisations. 

I am a native of Uttarakhand and have spent a considerable part of my life here. My work takes me to places in the hills and that is what intrigues me. I love to explore every aspect of this state and through this blog, I am trying to document these experiences and share with a larger audience who too share the same interests.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and discover with me the treasures of this heavenly abode – the land of the Gods – Uttarakhand.

I also have an insta handle if you wish to follow me there  @travelindevbhoomi 

Happy Reading !!

Saurabh Joshi