Kumalda village walk near Maldevta (Dehradun)

Bandal river making its way into Kumalda village before it merges with the bigger Song river at Maldevta Bridge

Village walks are surely a great way to understand and connect with the rural ecosystem. In this blog, we share an experience of one such visit to village – Kumalda that is located a few hundred metres ahead of Maldevta town (near Dehradun).

Bandal River flowing through the Kumalda Village

Kumalda is located at the intersection of the Bandal and Song rivers. The village is visible from the famous Maldevta bridge. Nestled at the base of the lower Himalayas, the village is in the serene and tranquil environment and the verdant greenery all around further adds to its beauty. The gushing sound of the river and the chirping of the birds create an altogether new magical hum.

Life goes at its own pace in our villages and Kumalda is no different. Despite being only about 15 kms from Dehradun City Centre, life here is very typical of any remote mountain village. The houses are sparsely scattered, and narrow pedestrian alleys seem to be the only way to go from point A to point B. Agriculture and livestock-based activities seem to be major source of livelihood generation for the people here.  You see smiling faces all around and every time you meet someone, a warm greeting gets exchanged.

Why should one consider visiting Kumalda?

  • You wish to do a village walk with as little crowd and noise as possible. Kumalda could be a great choice
  • Be close to the mountains, flora, and fauna. One would get plenty of it here
  • You are someone who enjoy being close to a river, sit besides it. One side of the village is situated along the river and the other side parallels the song river
  • You are looking for options not too far away from Dehradun and wish to be back to your base location within a couple of hours – yes, Kumalda is not more than 40 minutes’ drive from the city centre and another 10-15 minutes of walk till you arrive at the village central point

How to reach Kumalda?

  • You can drive from the city until the Maldevta Bridge (park your vehicle somewhere around). Maldevta bridge is about 800 metres ahead of the Maldevta town
  • Take the detour (from the Maldevta Farms resort) and continue to walk on the pedestrian path until you arrive at a foot bridge
  • Once you cross the bridge, you are in the heart of the village. Multiple small paths diverge from here. You may decide to take one complete circle and come back to the starting point
Foot Bridge over the Bandal River – this is the central area of the village
The other end of the village has its interface with the Song River. Maldevta bridge visible in the distance


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