Short Walking Trails near Maldevta (Dehradun)

Maldevta is a tiny idyllic town located on the outskirts of Dehradun. The town is nestled in the lap of lush green and beautiful surroundings. It is indeed the reason why it is frequented by locals and tourists alike and can surely qualify as one of the top destinations (for nature lovers) to visit around Dehradun.   

Maldevta Bridge and the Song River flowing beneath

Why should one visit this place?

  • You enjoy a scenic drive around Dehradun. This place must be on the itinerary
  • You would like to spend some-time near the river. 3 rivers can be found here.
  • Want to experience the canals for which Dehradun was once widely known. This is one of the remaining places where one can see the age-old canal system. You may want to check my dedicated blog on the Maldevta Canal here
  • Enjoy the vast green fields and undertake one of the numerous walking trails around
  • Have a cup of tea / Maggi amidst the green landscape and mountains. Numerous small shacks adorn the area
  • Looking for a quite place to spend time alone, with friends or with family – this is loved by one and all.
  • A heaven for cyclists and if you are here on the weekend, you are surely going to find loads of them

Imagine, you get all of this so close to a city.

The Bandal River (left) and Song River (Right) meeting just before the Maldevta Bridge

Walks around the area

I highly recommend parking your vehicle somewhere near the Maldevta bridge and then walk around the place. The view from the bridge is magnificent. On one side you will clearly see the merging of the Bandal and Song rivers and on the other side, you will see this merged river (also known as Song) flowing down the valley and making it way out until it finally merges with Ganga River (at Nepali farm close to Haridwar).

Trail-1 :- One can visit the Seraki village that adjoins these 2 rivers. It’s a small hamlet with a few houses and resorts. Surely a great weekend getaway.

Trail-2 :- You can walk past the bridge and take the pathway towards the left. It’s a kuchha road that goes alongside the Song River. This is the most amazing part of this walk amidst nature. A kilometre ahead you will see a nice waterfall on the Song River.

Getting here

1City Centre (Ghanta Ghar)Maldevta (via Shahastradhara)18.6 kms (40 minutes drive)* This route is via the Sahastradhara road
* Slightly longer but surely more scenic
2City Centre (Ghanta Ghar)Maldevta (via Raipur)12.1 Kms (30 mins drive)* Shortest route from Dehradun
* Scenic drive after Raipur
3Maldevta townMaldevta Bridge700 mtrs ( 5 mins, easy walk)* Accessible by road
* Recommended to park your vehicle and walk around
4Maldevta BridgeMaldevta Waterfall1.3 Kms (15-20 mins of easy walk one way)* While there exists a kuchha path for cars, I recommend walking
* Nice walk along the song river amidst verdant greenery
The landscape gets more stunning once you walk past the waterfall
Song River meandering its way out into the doon valley. Old Maldevta bridge. Khalanga hill visible in the distance



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