Traversing the path of Nun River (near Dehradun)

Nun River near Halduwala
Nun River making its way through the mountains

Dehradun city is spread across an area of approx. 300 sq. kms. The city is divided into 2 parts i.e., the Pachwadoon (western Dehradun) and the Poorvidoon (eastern Dehradun). All the rivers in the Pachwadoon region eventually drain out into the Yamuna River and all the rivers in the Poorvidoon region drain out into the Ganga River. While many of these rivers are rain fed and are active primarily during the rainy season, there are a few perennial rivers too.

Rough sketch of the major towns that you see along the Nun river's path
Map of major towns that fall on the Nun river’s path

Nun is a small river in the Pachwadoon region that flows along the periphery of the Garhi Cantt. area in Dehradun. What makes ‘Nun Nadi’ unique is that it is blessed with waters throughout the year. From the city centre (Ghanta Ghar), it would be a 20–25-minute drive until you have your first tryst with the river at Jaintanwala village (just after crossing the cantonment area). The drive is scenic, and you suddenly realize that you are amid the lush green forests and mountains. Yes, only 20-25 minutes away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.  

Nun silently flows along your driving route (and at the same elevation for most of the drive) all the way from Jaintanwala until you hit the dead end of the road at Halduwala (about 6-7 kms further). This is also the route if you are planning to visit / trek to the Santla Devi Temple. You may want to check out my dedicated post on the Santla Devi Trek.

Why should one consider this Nun River trail?

  • This experience does not require any planning and does not eat into your time. Its so close to the city centre
  • You want to experience true nature, mountains, feel like sitting beside a river
  • You are looking for a peaceful place where you can sit and relax, read a book, write a blog, etc.
  • You are a family and want to spend time together away from the crowd
  • Wish to do some nature photography, birding, etc.
  • Savor a plate of Maggie and a cup of hot tea with a view that is priceless!
Nun River near Halduwala
Nun river and the lush green mountains around. The hill-top of the Santla Devi Temple is also visible in the distance
The Nun and the Tons River eventually meet at Bajawala area (Dehradun city)

Nun gets its water from the numerous springs in the mountains that surround this area. These include springs at Rikhauli, Nunias and Patti Bakarna. Nun river traverses a path of approx. 12 kms from Halduwala until Bajawala. At Bajawala, Nun merges with the Tons River (the one that you see at Robber’s Cave or at Tapkeshwar Temple). Infact, the cantonment area, for a larger part, is bounded by the Nun and Tons rivers.

At Halduwala – I found a small shack near the riverside. (Greenery Restaurant run by Vinod Kumar Thapa)
I found a good enough reason to spend some time here

I hope you will soon have a reason to visit this place.


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