Short Trek to Santala Devi Temple (via Kimadi Road) | Dehradun

View of Mussoorie in the distance. Picture clicked enroute Santala Devi Temple trek
View of Mussoorie from the trek route

The best part of any hike is that you can approach it from different directions or perhaps curate your own new path. Mountains gives you this opportunity in abundance. In this post, we explore an interesting trail to Santala Devi temple. And guess what, we have already done this earlier (albeit via a different route). You may want to check the other post here.

A quick brief about this place

Santala Devi was a human just like us, however during the Mughal period the place got attacked by their army. Santala Devi and her brother on realizing that they cannot fight a battle against the mighty Mughal army, prayed to God and were eventually converted into a stone. The stone deity is what the worshippers pray to and seek her blessings to fulfil their wishes.

Our previous trek to the temple was through the villages of Jhariwala / Punjabiwala, driving along the Nun River and through the Ghangora Cantt.

Let’s review some aspects of this trek (via Kimadi Rd) to Santala Devi Temple

  • This hike to the temple is a total of 2 kms (500 metres downhill and 1.5 kms uphill). Its an easy trail and can be done in approx. an hour (one way)
  • The entire trail runs through thick forests (of Sal trees) and you get breath-taking views of Mussoorie and adjoining hills
  • Bird lovers – this is a paradise for you. So many different bird calls – you will simply love to come here
  • Looking for a quieter place away from the hustle-bustle of Dehradun? do consider this trek
  • Running short on time and want a hiking experience? Yes, from the city centre (to and fro), you can do this entire experience in 3-4 hours. Yes, I am serious!
  • The drive to the point where the trek starts is equally a joyous one and the road condition is also great.

Yes, all of this exists in the neighbourhood of Dehradun.

One needs to drive to Gajiyawala area (you have the Tons River here – and we have extensively covered it in 3 posts) and after crossing the bridge, one needs to take the road on the left that goes all the way to Kimadi village and further to Mussoorie. Kimadi is about 8 kms from the bridge and the drive is an amazing one. Within minutes you will find yourself away from the civilization/ buildings driving through the forests and mountains. This road is one of the favourites of the cyclists and on the weekends, you can find them in hoards, peddling their way through.  

To arrive at the start-point of the trek, we drive for 4 kms from Gajiyawala. You will see a signboard (on the right) that says <<Kimadi – 4 kms>>. You will have to park your vehicle here (yes, there are places on the side of the road) and gear up for this exciting trek.  

There’s a gravel path (on the left) that snakes down and that’s what one needs to take. The entire 1st leg of the trek is downhill until you arrive at a stream. The 2nd leg of the trek starts here and its entirely uphill but not a difficult one to do. There will be patches of stones and steep incline at a few places, but if you are attentive and enjoying the journey, there is nothing to worry about.

Once you arrive at the temple and have paid your obeisance to Goddess Santala, spend some time there and enjoy the scenic view of the Doon valley. From the other end of the temple premises, you will get to see the Nun River valley (the other trek route to the temple). Enjoy a cup of hot tea or have some snacks, and then prepare for the return journey.

It’s a short trek (a total of 4 kms to and fro) and can be accomplished in a limited time. Hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. I have been to Santala Devi but not via this trek. Looks doable.Very well presented. Your writing makes one to take the trek. Will try.

    Liked by 1 person

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