CORBETT FALLS – a pristine waterfall hidden in the forests of Jim Corbett National Park

While a glimpse of tigers is largely on the minds of those who come to Ramnagar or to the Jim Corbett park, there are indeed some other exquisite places to discover in the neighborhood of Ramnagar.

CORBETT FALLS – truly magical and pristine beauty amidst nature

Today, we discover a waterfall that is situated about 28 kms from Ramnagar on the Ramnagar – Kaladhungi road. While the main entrance to the Corbett falls lies on the highway (the place is also known as Nayagaon), the waterfall is situated about 2 kms inside the forested area. Kaladhungi would be around 6 kms from here. If you have some spare time in Ramnagar, I highly suggest you combine your Corbett museum visit (the house where Jim Corbett lived in Kaladhungi) and the visit to the Corbett falls. It would be worth half-a day’s excursion.

The 2 km drive inside the Corbett fall area is a scenic one. It’s a gravel road but your vehicle will not have any trouble navigating through it. You drive into the thick of the teak wood jungle with a small water stream accompanying you on one side. You may get to see flocks of deer in the distance and the rich flora and fauna of the place will re-affirm your thoughts that you are still within/or near the boundaries of the Jim Corbett National Park.

Soon you will arrive in a big open area which is basically a parking space. The small water stream (canal) will still continue to amuse you. The water is crystal clear and comes straight from the waterfall itself. This stretch of the walk until the waterfall area is indeed truly blissful (it’s a short walk of about 5-8 minutes). It’s so quite here except the chirping sound of the birds. A small foot bridge will help you cross over to the other side of the small water stream flowing beneath.

A fallen tree was slightly cut-out to make steps to cross over – on the way to the Corbett Falls
A small footbridge that leads you to the Corbett falls

And finally you arrive at the Corbett water-fall view-point. The water falls from a hill and about 20 metres below into a pool. The moment is worth capturing on your camera or perhaps to have a photo with waterfall as the backdrop. The splash of the water intertwined with the bird’s sounds in the midst of a thick flora, makes you feel that you are so close to nature, bringing in that unbridled happiness. This experience is so different from our usual urban lifestyles.

There are ample of places to sit around so that you immerse into this tranquility. The place is a popular spot among the locals and the tourists but it is surely not very crowded. You can relax in the magical wilderness and perhaps enjoy a snack together with your family / friends. Worth a visit if you are around in Ramnagar.

Other important details

  1. Park timings – Open every day from 8 AM to 5 PM
  2. Entry fees – Adult – INR 50/- , Child – INR 25/- , Four-Wheel Vehicle Parking Fees – INR 100/-



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