Garjiya Devi Temple – Ramnagar

Garjiya Devi temple is situated on the banks of the river kosi about 14.5 kms from Ramnagar town on the Ramnagar- Mohaan road. There is a small detour of about 1 km from the main road before you reach one end of the temple premises.

There’s a free car parking area and then you travel through the many shops that adorn on both the sides of the pathway leading to the temple gate. You can buy prashad from any of the shops. There are a good number of eateries as well.

River Kosi flowing near to the temple. 


To reach the main Garjiya temple that is parched on top of a 100 feet high hummock located on the other side of the Kosi river, you need to cross a bridge. You may park your shoes outside one of the many shacks around and then climb the steep stairs (approx. 80 steps) to reach the temple. Mid-way there is idol of Goddess Kali and Saraswati.

Food bridge to cross over to the other side to reach the temple. Garjiya Devi temple visible at the back

The views from the temple are stunning with the dense forests of the Jim Corbett National Park surrounding the temple, mighty mountains on the two sides and the river (Kosi) flowing in the middle and passing by the temple. There is so much peace and the cool breeze makes the experience more worthwhile. One can easily go to the banks of the river Kosi.

View of the temple from its base. its a steep climb up to the temple . Bhairav Mandir is located on the base(red/blue section)

This temple is very famous among the people in this area and perhaps in the entire region (Kumaon). It is considered that goddess Garjiya fulfils one’s wishes. According to the locals there, “Garjiya’ is another name for goddess Paarvati (who is the daughter of the kings of the mountains – the Himalayas) and one of the avatars of goddess Paarvati created the Garjiya Devi Temple here. Within the temple premises, there is also an idol of Laxmi-Narayanan who is set to belong to 8th century AD during the rule of the Katyuri dynasty.

Idol of Goddess Garjiya Devi

There is a big festival here during the Nov-Dex every year at the time of Kartik Poornima. Thousands of people throng to this place to pay their respects and take blessings from Goddess Garjiya

If you are visiting Ramnagar and/or Jim Corbett National Park, you can certainly visit this temple. In fact, the Dhangari gate of Corbett (which is the entrance to the Dikhala), is located about 6 kms from the temple. There are many resorts closeby where you can stay.



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